What is BaseSMIS?

BaseSMIS is a robust School Management Information System. A 100% platform that can rival some of the best solutions in the world with affordable, scalable pricing. With our platform, you can decide to host any server in your network or in Cloud, which immediately open new door to School Information Management in the 21st century.

SMIS gives you the opportunity to bring your Data in a centralize storage for easy synchronization between your School, Teachers, Parents, Students, Accountants, Librarian, etc.

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What is BaseSMIS Media?

BaseSMIS Media is a is a stand-alone and add-on to BaseSMIS. You use Virtual Classroom to present classes/lectures anytime, anywhere.

With BaseSMIS Media, you don't need LIVE classroom anymore, you can host your classroom anytime, or scheduling virtual classroom lectures.

It help you auto schedule lectures based on timetable, send out lecture notifications, tracks attendance, allow instructor/teacher/speaker to share screen, live chat for engagement, etc.

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SMIS Features

SMIS is a robust and flexible ERP solution for all schools, embedded with several features and open to further customization to fits into your school operations.

  • Seamless interface for easy navigation.
  • Centralized solution for your School, Teachers, Students, Parents, Accountant, Librarian, etc.
  • Efficient students performace index monitory.
  • Responsive layouts to fit in any device gadget to easy navigation.
  • Easy customization to enable proper tailoring with your school operations.
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Below are basic module features in SMIS. You can request for further customization to fit into your school operations.

Multi-User Accounts

Access for Admin, Teachers, Students, Parents, Accountant, etc.

Fees Management

Fees payment (Online/Offline), monitor outstanding fees, etc.

Parent Monitory

Parents can monitor child activities e.g. exams, payments, etc.

Exam Automation

Online exams made easy, set and customize result.

Timetable Automation

Create, schedule and manage class timetable activities.

Daily Attendance

Easy daily attendance management and monitory.

Library Management

Systematical management of all library books.

Domitory Management

Manage school dormitory, allocate student to domitory.

Transport Management

Transport management for all route made easy if applicable.

Event Calendar

Manage information about event happenings in the school.


Automatic placement of child and teacher to classes.

Expenses Management

School expenses management for clear accountability.


Private messaging between Admin, Teacher, Student & Parent.


Instant and conditional SMS alert of child score to parent.


Automated/Manual backup of school data to avoid lost of record.


Need more features? Make SMIS fit into your school operations.


BaseConverge is a stand-alone and add-on to BaseSMIS. Compleye Virtual Classroom to present classes/lectures anytime, anywhere...no need for LIVE classes anymore.


See below some exciting screenshots of SMIS.

Frequently Asked Questions

We think we can answer some of your basic questions

How Is SMIS Deployed?
SMIS can either be deployed Onsite (within school premises), Cloud, or Hybrid (Onsite and Cloud). Deployment charges will be incurred by your School.
How Does SMIS License Works?
SMIS charges is indicated in Pricing, and it's a pre-payment billing. Suppose your License has maximum of 150 students, and within the active License year your population exceeds 150 students, your License will be upgraded and you will only start paying in the next License cycle.
Students Is Above 1,000?
If your student population is more than 1,000. Kindly send us message below or send an email request to support@basesmis.com.
Need More Features?
No worries. SMIS got you covered. We will sit down with your team to understand your need, and will ensure it's tailored to meet your purpose. Please note, it might involve additional charges.
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